Thursday 10 July 2014

Service Replacement Service

We regret to inform you that tomorrow's 9am "Intimations of Immortality" Service is cancelled due to a shortage of druidical staff. Charlii and I are going shopping, Hnaef and Daphne are at work and Keith can't be bothered.

Instead there will be a Bus Replacement Service. Burton Dasset will be driving the Beaker Minibus on his "Lost stations of the Varsity Line" historical tour.

It's not very religious (apart from for Burton). But it will give you all a very real sense of what eternity feels like.


  1. Oh, I remember the Varsity line. Can I come too?

  2. My English undergrad friends and I called Wordsworth's rather lovely poem 'Imitations of Immorality.' We giggled a lot at these foolish things. Ah, youth!

    When my hubby has to take a replacement bus service to or from work it is a fairly religious experience, too. If by 'religious experience' one means the kind of sermon that Cousin Amos preached (prought?) to the Quivering brethren in 'Cold Comfort Farm.'

    Fire, Brimstone, Replacement Bus Services - works of the Devil, all!!!!!

    love Mags B x


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