Tuesday 29 July 2014

The Very Hungry Dawkins

One day the Lawd of the Dawks felt very hungry.

But the Great Dawk wasn't like you or me. We eat food and drink gin.  Whereas the Dawk subsisted on attention, which he liked to wash down with the psychic energy he could extract from howls of rage.

So the Dawk decided to say something outrageous, yet which he reckoned he could logically defend. He didn't worry about the people who could rightly be very offended, because Dawks are attention-seeking toads.  And three hours later he wasn't hungry any more.

The End


  1. Very well put, Archdruid.

    Goodness, I nearly wrote Archdeacon: what a thought!

  2. Or at least he wasn't hungry until next time. Attention-seeking toad is about right.

  3. High IQ does not necessarily correlate with high emotional intelligence. One wonders if Dawkin's brush with "mild pedophilia" wasn't as mild as he thought it was.


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