Tuesday 1 July 2014

Venns Day

A helpful diagram to know whose celebration it is in the Church of England today.


  1. According to the link, George H is commemorated on 27 Feb, not today. And, piece of trivia, Venn the logician was a son and grand-son of the venerated Venns.

  2. Certainly George Herbert is not celebrated today. It's Venns' day......

    We have a special ritual on Georgey H's day. We put cardboard effigies of him on the drive, and then run them over,

  3. How much more interesting your church diary is than mine which only gives 'Euddogwy, Bp.'

    1. He sounds very Celtic. Did you have tea lights, pebbles and pan pipes?

  4. Alas, he was of doubtful authenticity. You'd think the C of E could find enough real people to celebrate. Poor Odo the Severe has yet to get a day.


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