Monday 7 July 2014

Structured Discussions

After another great row between myself and Blenwen over where to site the tea light stand, we've put in place a series of structured discussions so we can understand each other's views.

Actually, I think we understand each other very well already. So Blenwen has made it quite clear we can't "agree to disagree". Her principles will not allow her to be yoked unequally with people who think the stand should be by the door.

While from my perspective, I am happy to have open, respectful, moderated discussion. At the end of which, in a sense of charity and unity, it will still be my bloody Moot House. My gaff, my rules.


  1. You need to come down very heavily on this kind of dissent. Especially if she wants the tea light outside, rather than inside the door. I recommend smiting her with the cricket-bat while shouting "Ex Ecclesia Nulla Solas".

    1. (hoping that she will not notice that Solas is Gaelic, not Latin, for "light")

  2. We need you on General Synod, Eileen. You'd sort 'em out.


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