Wednesday 16 July 2014

Who Will be the First Female Bishop in the Church of England?

Geraldine Granger
The "Vicar of Dibley" is bright, engaging, almost wholly devoid of theological substance and has successfully hung on to just one small rural parish, without merger into a larger benefice, for twenty years. So she's clearly clever and devious enough. Sure, she's a fictional comedy character. But since when was that a barrier to preferment in the Church of England? 4/1

Harriet Harman

Relentless, well-connected and driven. Her apparent lack of belief in God should be no barrier. If Labour are returned to power after the next General Election, she plans to outlaw discrimination against people on the grounds they're useless. In which case, she's got as good a chance as any. 14/1

Tiff Stevenson - She'd just be great, I reckon. 6/1

George Carey 

Bit of a long shot, this. But if it got him in the Mail? I reckon he'd go for it. 100/3 

Theresa May 

At least she's used to the Press banging on about her dress sense. And do you seriously think there's not gonna be "The Bishop of Kettering, in kitten heels, clashed with the Bishop of Luton, who'd also turned up in a purple blouse..." 7/2 

Amanda Holden

The thing she's been waiting for her whole life. Her one big chance. If she got the job she'd grab the opportunity with both hands. She'd nail the consecration. She'd own the enthronement. She'd live that dream, and make it hers. 12/1 

Germaine Greer

Worth it just to make Damian Thompson think he's living in his own surreal dream-world. 7/2


  1. What about Joan Rivers

    Esther Rantzen

    and my favourite:

    Cilla Black :)

  2. Ms E Butler-Sloss has some time on her hands at the moment.


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