Tuesday 1 July 2014

Taking Special Measures

Shock, it was, popping into the Little Pebbles Group yesterday to sit in on the afternoon class.

Dingley had always wanted to work with children, she'd said, but was dedicated to a rigorous curriculum meeting best practice.

Instead of which we had the usual drivel about the stars being God's daisy chain. The children were encouraged to draw pictures of the whole world in God's hands. Speculation on whether Mars and Venus will ever get on. And reflections on how the Man in the Moon must feel when he looks down to earth.

Explicable in "Creative Writing" - maybe - just. Definitely wrong in Religious Education. But she was teaching this as Physics.

 So I've asked Charnwood to take over the subject from now on. I never want to see another diagram explaining that the reason planes fly is the pilots "think happy thoughts".

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