Saturday, 2 July 2011

That's the trouble with listing a few blogs...

... you miss all the others. Such as Eddie's blog, which I've just mysteriously remembered. And which does great stuff in communicating the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators among other stuff. And David Lewis, a Baptist Minister and member of the Twitterati who is on sabbatical and seems to be blogging it - or at least the first two days of it.

3 Minute Theologian confuses categories by blogging every fortnight or so, instead of every three minutes as the Trade Description Act would demand. And Charlie Peer is an interesting (and Always Hopeful) blogger in Cornwall. He hasn't blogged for a few weeks, but then he does that from time to time. Or at least I hope he's not stopped this time.

The Catholic blogosphere is going strong as well. Although John Hunwicke, who was always interesting, is quiet for other reasons. But Left-Footer and the Hermeneutic of Continuity and many many others are out there. Especially Valle Adurni who has recently been included among the folk we light a tea light for, and whose blogroll is in turn a portal to a huge number of Catholic sites. Echurch Blog fits in this category since the author's conversion as well.

And yes I know I've missed even more.


  1. There seems to be a lot of changes afoot in the blogosphere recently.

    Thanks for the kindly mention.

  2. Ego te absolvo…

    (too busy writing books, I'm sorry to say)

  3. ceases to pout

    Thanks for more grist to my Google reader!

  4. Also ceases to pout. Thanks!

  5. Thank you, Archdruid. No, I haven't stopped - I am adopting a sporadic approach, which means that I will never have to announce to hordes of disappointed readers that I am giving up. I prefer to pleasantly surprise people by blogging occasionally.

  6. Thanks for the tea light! I'm much enjoying the posts.


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