Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas With the Quivering Brethren

It's been nice to spend a couple of days with the Quivering Brethren of Brent.

In these days of the decline of Western Christianity, the Quivering Brethren have found - like many small sects-  that London is the best place to keep the true faith going.

The great thing about London is that people can travel from all over Town to join with like-minded weirdoes. And so even when the Brethren of Howling have ceased to meet  - and even "Beyond the Woodshed" no longer posts - still the Cockney Brethren are going strong.

Of course, every Advent they have a problem. They get four weeks of woe.  But say what you like about the Brethren, Christmas Day is a massive celebration. A whole year's woe is sublimed into two hours of wild excitement.

But the Tube don't run on Christmas Day. The dispersed Brethren of Penge, Cheam and Kilburn can't get to Church. So instead they stay at home and have a quiet quiver.

There is no brandy butter in Hell.


  1. When I lived in Cheam, the tube didn't reach that far. Has it been extended without my knowing?

    1. No, poetic licence and a lack of interest in life Sarf of the River.


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