Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Pagans Who Moved Yule to the Nearest Saturday

Have been astounded  by a pagan friend from Devon

As all good Beaker Folk know, tomorrow is the Winter Solstice. That magic moment when the sun stops dying. There is a solemn stillness in the air as we wait for the days to lengthen, and the laughing sun god to take its place once again.

Except in Devon. Apparently for pagans in Devon, a midweek Solstice was a bit inconvenient. So they moved Yule to last Saturday.

Pagans, eh. They're basically just Catholics with twigs in their hair.


  1. Either we are all pagans,
    or none of us are....

  2. You haven't heard the worst of it. The PBCEW is now entertaining proposals to abolish special Pagan Days altogether. That way, when people don't turn up to fulfil their obligation, there is no obligation anyway, so they don't need to feel bad about it. This, it is hoped, will lead to more people being reconciled to Paganhood, except that past experience shows that it won't.


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