Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Year of Dying Normally

Somebody called Fred put together the list of dead celebs this year.  Assuming you don't avoid Facebook for moral reasons, please go and check them out. I'm not sure what the copyright rules are for lists on Facebook.

It's a long list. It's also an American list, so I don't recognise them all. (They're not all Americans).

Couple of caveats, mind.

At least two of these people were famous for the amount of alcohol and/or other drugs they put into their bodies. One of them made a living out of other people trying to punch him in the head.

But then on the other hand, to become a celebrity generally you've got to stick around a little while. So this will tend to push the average up a bit.

Which gives us an average age of death, for the people in the list, of 77.

The average year of birth for the people in this list is (2016 - 77) which is 1939. Life expectancy at birth in 1940 USA was about 63,

They've done all right, overall. It's not such an odd year. You could argue that the UK is different but for every Victoria Wood or George Michael, I'll raise you a Liz Smith or Richard Adams.

To summarise. 2016 wasn't such a killer. It's just another year. But aren't there a lot of celebrities about?

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