Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Drawing the Line on Christmas Card Writing

Right. I think that I've written all the cards now.

Obviously I have to draw the line somewhere.  I can't write cards for every Beaker person. So I write them for the other members of the Druidic Council. But then if I do that, I've got to write one for Burton Dasset or he might refuse to do his job for nothing in the New Year.

And then once I've opened the door to non Druids, everybody else who does a job around the place starts expecting a card. So that's the cleaners, the bloke who melts the wax out of the candle holders, the tea makers, the flower arrangers - and you don't argue with them - and the Beaker Quire. The people who run the Beaker Bazaar know I've bought the cards for the others so I have to write them cards.

But then some of them only work an hour or two a week, and other people start noting that they put out the chairs occasionally or threw water over the tea light stand after that meltdown the other week. And so I end up writing a card for every registered Beaker Person.

But some of the Beaker People don't come to the Moot House for worship because they live far away. And there's dedicated regular worshippers who aren't registered, but they come along and give generously and we don't want to lose them.

But how do you define "regular"?

So I've now written a card for everybody who has ever, at any point, in any way had anything to do with the Beaker Folk. 1,312 cards in total.

That's 2015 done then.  I'd better start this year's.

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