Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Octave of Christmas Not Being Over

And so we enter the Octave of Christmas Not Being Over. Which lasts until next Tuesday when people have to go back to work and can't switch the fairy lights on the monitor back on because they left them on last Friday and they'd have to schlep down Tesco to get some more batteries and it's not really worth it.

In this Octave of Christmas Not Being Over, the Beaker Folk adopt a form of reverse Puritanism. Anyone caught trying to do their tax return, or tidy up or take 2 or 3 hundred bottles to the recycling centre, will be reminded that Christmas is not over, and told to get a gin and tonic.

Carols in the Moot House are compulsory. People will ask, poetically, "and is there turkey still for tea?" (Answer: yes. It's curry tonight.)

The truly radical believers in Christmas Not Being Over actually are heading over to the recycling centre. Not to throw anything away. Just to give the evils to anyone dumping Christmas trees.

So here it still is, Merry Christmas. Somebody somewhere must be having fun. It's only just begun.

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  1. We celebrate all 12 days of Christmas here and it's not over until it's over after that!


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