Thursday, 8 December 2016

They that go down to the Sea in Ships

Quick note after yesterday's walkout during our rendition of "Lo he comes with Clouds Descending."

It's "deeply wailing", not "deeply whaling".  It was a type on the Powerpoint.

To counter last night's wild rumours, the Beaker Folk are not seeking an exemption from the International Whaling Commission rules. And we are not "going after the rare whales on the sea bed."


  1. Of course it should, correctly, be those WHO go down to the sea in ships!

  2. That will teach me to use half-remembered quotations.

    Hnaef normally proof reads my BCP allusions but afraid this morning he's off a whoring with his own inventions.

  3. I believe that God is currently working his porpoises out.


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