Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Even Later Baptibus

I find it hard to believe this.

The Baptibus arrived late today.
It was late last week.  We always knew that Oz would have to drive like Elijah's chariot of fire to get here on time.
But at least last week it was late for the morning worship.
Today it arrived late for the evening worship.

Leon explained it all to me, when he could string a coherent sentence together. He said by the time they had collected everyone it was nearly lunchtime.  So they'd had to drop Elspeth back home in Oadby.
And then they all stopped off and had a "refreshment break", in what Leon tried to claim was a cafe. A strange cafe, since they realised that it had the Liverpool-Arsenal game on the big screen later, so they stuck around to watch that. By which time it was 6pm. So "without further ado" they drove the twelve miles up here to join our 6pm service, and interrupted our time of spontaneous prayer with a fairly unpleasant song about one of the Liverpool players.
I had the stewards remove them from the premises, but they discovered that Oz had departed without them, presumably desperate to get home after a day at the mercy of these inebriates. And so the rest of the service was interrupted by wailing and, I would not be surprised, gnashing of teeth as they stood at the door and knocked but we told them we did not know them.

So stuck with 8 waifs and strays from various parts of the county, all in a state of inebriation, what could I do?
I did the only thing that, in Christian charity, I could. I stuck a hi-viz vest on each of them and told them they could walk.  We will deal with the acts of penitence later.

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