Tuesday, 3 August 2010

O'Vienna Syndrome

Rob comments on my occasional habit, when moved by strong emotion, to express myself in the language of the 1980s synth-disco-post-punk band "Human League".

I'm afraid that it's true that I suffer from O'Vienna Syndrome. The symptoms are that you inadvertently quote New Romantic lyrics, you're constantly hungry like the wolf, and you suffer from a painful Visage.


  1. I should also note that "Rob" has blocked @gerrardus on Twitter. A great shame that someone who knows of the New Romantics would not approve of the concept of pretending to be someone else for artistic purposes.
    But since we Frisby Baptists are not vindictive, I will let it pass without mention.

  2. Someone doesn't approve? Oh this just makes it more fun!!!

  3. I'm not promising a miracle but it sounds like you need more love action from your electric friends?


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