Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Project Management Issue

OK, so it's a Health and Safety issue. But I can't help thinking the Agile methodology compounded the problem.

And Young Keith was so pleased with himself at writing the "putaway" routine for our new automated warehouse. It's an exciting new venture - when it goes live, we will have the most advanced lights-out doilies, tea lights and souvenir pebble operation in Western Europe.

But then Keith found out that Charlii was looking for him, to find out where the heck he was last night. In a panic, he jumped into a tote on the"large stones"  conveyor and got himself put away in the racking.

Charlii has wandered off to look for him elsewhere. Now Young Keith's just got to wait a week for the next planning session,  to find out if we decide a retrieval program is the next "must-have".

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