Monday, 17 June 2013

Revised Ritual for the Death of Somebody Who was Famous in the 1970s

Archdruid: Well, I see x has just died.

All: Yep, true enough.

Archdruid: In the old days, when we were - did we but realise it - quite innocent, we'd have had a liturgy featuring x's catchphrases, famous song lyrics and so forth.

All: Yep, we would.

Archdruid: Can't risk that sort of thing now. So  - x has just died. And we pray that God will receive x according to God's own mercy, and not according to anything x may have done that we don't know about yet, but will do shortly. Not that we want to cast aspersions.

All: Too right, Eileen. Pious, well-meaning, but safe.

Archdruid: I think that's quite enough of that.

All:  Least said soonest mended.

All may disperse, to keep an eye on Twitter for the revelations that may - or may not - come out.

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