Friday, 21 June 2013

QUAERITUR - Should an Archdruid Carry a Cricket Bat?



  1. I presume this is a (very funny) response to what must be the most bizarre post on the Catholic blogosphere -- Fr Zee asking, only slightly tongue-in-cheek, whether a priest may carry a handgun under his vestments when celebrating Mass.
    I think Americans are my favourite sort of people. A lot of the time. There is, after all, so much to like.
    But I really don't get the guns thing.
    No, really I don't get it.
    If a child takes a gun to school, then the answer is to give MY child a bigger gun.
    In what universe does that make sense?

  2. Sorry, Archdruid, I didn't spot that your 'yes' was a link. I thought I was being clever.

  3. Pastor, you clearly didn't need the explanation.

  4. I would consider you underdressed without one


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