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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Chord off Guard

That was a nice modern song Hnaef introduced us to last night. Indeed, you could argue it was the apotheosis of modern musical worship.

The verse featured men and women singing slightly different tunes, in canon  - and two verses were sung before the chorus, which was A Capella. Then after verse 3 there was that bridge, cleverly sung in the minor key. Then we went up a note for the middle 8, and then that clever fade out with each stanza sung in a different Pentatonic mode. That extended French Horn solo was nice as well, counterpointed by people clicking their fingers on the off beat - not easy in 9/8.

Respect to the Beaker Folk. Other congregations would have struggled to keep up with the complexity and subtlety of the piece, sung as the closing hymn without any practice. But not our guys. Oh no - they just went straight home during Verse 2.


  1. Don't tempt me to write something.

  2. I thought it was quite normal for various people to be singing different tunes at the same time in church - and I don't mean just the members of the choir!

    (There's a trick to clapping on the off beat. There's usually one person who seems to do it instinctively. Watch that person carefully and mimic his or her actions.)


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