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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Quick "Rebecca" Joke

Last night, I dreamed of Mandalay again.

Due to a mis-reading of the brochure, that was the worst Cornish holiday I ever had. Burmese clotted cream is rubbish. And there's a limit to how much entertainment you can get out of watching flying fish.


  1. What about an ecumenical service in the old pagoda - with all the hymns accompanied on the banjo?

  2. With the one-eye-yellow-idol worshippers?

    1. You are mixing your monologues (Kipling v Milton Hayes). That's not ecumenisn - it's syncretism.

    2. I wouldn't know, I've never Kippled.

      (Is that the right joke?)

    3. Sadly, yes - but I find that hard to believe of a Thomas Hardy fan. Surely you need some light relief and a bakewell tart from time to time?

  3. Can it be truly ecumenical if one group doesn't think one of the others is a bunch of idol-worshippers?

  4. Light or heavy relief given. Terms on request.


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