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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Cross, Pollinated

We're all, rightly, getting worried about the state of the nation's bees. In my opinion, banning neonicotinoids couldn't have happened quickly enough. And I do worry about the way their decline has paralleled the covering of our green and yellow land with oilseed rape and mobile phone masts. You can't tell me they've not been involved.

But it was lovely today to see an absolute swarm of bees, busily working the flowers on our Rosemary.

Rosemary herself is livid, mind you. But it's her own silly fault for wearing such an absurdly large button hole.


  1. boom boom! No, sorry, I meant buzz buzz!
    You may echo my groans now.

  2. Bees. Funny, that. You can have some of mine.

  3. How does cross-pollinisation of telephone masts affect the bee population?


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