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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Godly Myers Briggs Play

"That's Moses, isn't it?

I wonder why Moses is looking so sad?

That's right. It's because he's an INFJ, isn't it? He's very keen on God's righteousness. And when he sees an Egyptian oppressing one of his fellow-Israelites he expresses his murderous extrovert. But he's not a natural talker. And he's talking to God, isn't he? We've not got a model for God, because if we did have that would make Moses really angry. And we know how that brings out his genocidal extroversion.

But God's talking to Moses, and God's got a plan. Oh, look - it's Aaron. Do you think Aaron's able to talk to Pharaoh?

Aaron's talking to Pharaoh now. Surely being an ESTJ, Aaron can get Pharaoh to let the people go?

Oh no. Pharaoh's not listening to Aaron. Pharaoh's an ISTJ with extroverted living deity. They're never happy being told what to do.

I tell you what, shall we put the pieces back in the box and have some juice? When all those insects start crawling around the place, and the river turns to blood, that might be quite Messy. And that's a different Fresh Expression altogether."

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