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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Wisdom of Solomon

A propos Dr Carey's latest comments - you will note that, in Biblical times, same-sex marriage was not allowed. King Solomon, in particular, was highly opposed. He said if that sort of thing happened it would be the thin end of the slippery slope. Before you knew it, people like Abraham would be marrying their sisters. And next thing you knew, there would be polygamy. Solomon was dead against that.


  1. You didn't have to be Mrs Lot to see that God didn't like that sort of thing.

  2. From a strictly logical point of view, it's hard to come up with an argument against polygamy (or polyandry, for that matter, or almost any one of an assortment of other arrangements) once you start from the assumption that marriage is a more or less long-term relationship between consenting adults (or, in more extreme assumptions, anyone). It might be a bit more difficult to form a long-term relationship with 3 or more people than two, but on the other hand, that doesn't seem to worry the couples who have difficulty having their relationships last longer than the bills for the ceremony and celebrations.

    It's difficult.


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