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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Revealing the New Dr Who

He is loved by all. He has contacts high in the British Establishment, yet went away with barely a warning. He is fond of profound remarks which nobody understands. A man famous for his colourful and unusual clothes. Somebody who is "available for other projects" - and makes a convincing Doctor. There is clearly only one man for the job.



  1. You can ordain all the gay daleks you like, Rowan, but I draw the line at the sacrament of penance in your faddy new confessional.

  2. Yes, it's clearly between Pope Benedict, Rowan, Alex Ferguson, and David Beckham.

  3. Eileen - great post...

    ...but (seriously for a moment), Avast is showing "Malware blocked" when I come to this site at the moment - changed anything recently?

    1. Seems to be a result of the Church Sofa (who were in the side bar) getting something nasty. They've been temporarily removed while they get their good name back. Let me know if it clears up?


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