Thursday, 5 May 2016

Ascension Day Postponed

That's the trouble with Bank Holidays. Yesterday we thought it was Tuesday, so we lined up today as "A Wednesday Wonder", when we project images of amazing and terrifying animals on the wall and wonder why God created those.

Means we hadn't sorted out the hot air balloon, tightrope, ladders and parachutes that are a necessary part of a Beaker Ascension Day.

So we'll celebrate Ascension Day tomorrow. Sure, it's a day late.

But still, we're two days ahead of the Catholics.


  1. French Catholics (and the Pope) celebrate Ascension Day today. Which means that I miss Ascension Day completely this year, as I'll be in France on Sunday.

  2. Can you add gnats to your Wednesday Wonder please? No idea why God made such irritating (in every sense of the word) creatures!

  3. Most American Catholics celebrate Ascension Day today. Blame the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales for the idiotic decision to move it to Sunday. I think they'd consulted a focus group or something.


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