Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Property Committee Update

Good news on the Property Committee, whom we had given up as lost.

In fact, they're merely in a meeting which started three weeks ago. The subcommittee on painting the shed had reported back with options and they're trying to decide between duck egg and teal.


  1. Our church doesn't have a property committee, it has a fabric steward, a term dredged from past Baptist history by one of our older members. He deals with the hard as well as soft furnishings, by the way!

  2. We just have "fabric" as a standing item on the PCC agenda. If we did have a Property Committee then the members would inevitably just be the PCC members, so we've standardised on just the one all-purpose committee. (As PCC secetary I'm grateful for this approach which limits the quantity of agendas and minutes that I have to produce!)

    1. The Beaker fabric committee always votes for paisley.


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