Monday, 16 May 2016

Breaking the Cycle of Fear

In superstition news. Drayton Parslow has agreed to apologise for his claim that  Burton Dasset was using "witchcraft" to ride his cycle without actually pedalling.

After close investigation of the accusation, Young Keith's Uncle the Police Officer has established that in fact Burton was merely coasting downhill.

Witchcraft isn't actually illegal in Britain any more. The last prosecution under the Witchcraft Act was in 1944.  Meanwhile in Husborne Crawley it must be thirty years since they last ducked a suspected witch. Shocking case. He was accused of possessing "a magic scrying and talking box." Radio Rentals avoided the village for years after that.

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  1. The interesting thing about Helen Duncan is that she wasn't prosecuted for being a witch; she was prosecuted for *not* being a witch.


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