Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Unintentional Community

The rise of Intentional Communities is well-documented. Indeed, given the membership regulations of the Beaker Folk, one could argue we are just such a community

I interview any aspiring member of the Beaker Folk. At the interview I ask the following questions:

1. Are you a seeker after truth?
2. Are you intentional?
3. Can I see your last three payslips?

We find that #3 tends to weed out the people who are less intentional.

But you know, we are a fellowship that welcomes all faiths and nuns. That's why we built the Beaker Annex. Based loosely around the concept of an Oxford "quad" - ie there's no heating and it's half a mile to the loos. And we send Hnaef round every day to make it clear that public schoolboys are inclusive, tolerant and better than anyone else.

The Annex is for anyone who yearns for authentic religious experience, but without the extortionate rates of the Great House. You can come along to the events at the Moot House, watch the moon rise in the Lower Meadow, hunt for mistletoe in the orchard. But all without the need to spend an arm and a leg.

Basically, it's full of people who know they want to know God better, but are thrown randomly together to get by and try to get on with each other. We're calling it the "Unintentional Community".

They're a lot close to God than the people in the Moot House sometimes. I reckon that's just a statistical freak. I mean, how could a church of all ages and backgrounds form a better community than a carefully planned bunch who want to live together? Ridiculous.

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  1. Have you thought about an Order of Beaker Oblates?

    You could get a tremendous take up, have a nice lapel badge for people to purchase (online) and no obligation to do anything, other than read this blog and the other one about letters to the Parish Magazine and to make an occasional inane comment - jobs a winner!!


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