Monday, 9 May 2016

Hebrexit "Could Cause Plagues"

The stakes were raised in the Egyptian referendum today, as Moses warned that, should the Hebrews remain in the Egyptian Union, the consequences could be:
The River Nile turning to blood;
Locusts and gnats;
A Plague of Darkness;
Death of Firstborn;
The degradation of the Pharaoh's armed forces.

However the Hebrewsceptics  pointed out that while membership of the Egyptian Union did mean the Hebrews were under Egyptian control on areas such as slavery and the new No-Straw Brick-making Regulations, there are watermelons and fleshpots in Egypt. They are also concerned that there may be giants in Canaan.

Pharaoh's wisest men have watched the migration of birds and slaughtered a goat to inspect the entrails, and are saying the referendum is "too close to call."

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  1. To say nothing of sticks turning into snakes. the possible market for the export of frogs. Possible of destruction of egyptian chariot army.
    then there was the emptying of all the gold reserves.


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