Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Festival of Karl Barth - Book Now

Next week we will celebrate the festival of Karl Barth by a pilgrimage to Bath. A great man and amazing thinker. An amazing theologian whom not a single Beaker person has read, but who definitely changed the way we think about... Oh I don't know. Didn't he say something about Revelation?

Still, he is revered both as a great thinker and as the inventor of the bath, and founder of Baden-Baden in Germany and Bath in Somerset. A genius. All those Georgian terraces. Or is that Cheltenham? Either way. I can't wait.

There used to be a copy of his "Evangelical Theology" in the library. Might as well have been written in German. Unfortunately we left it next to a book by Rowan Williams and they collapsed under their own gravity into a very small black hole.

Instead of Hawkins radiation, the Barth-Williams Black Hole emits a stream of complex and incomprehensible profundity. We've had to tape the library off to keep children away.

So book now. Spaces are going quicker than your hope when you realise that Church Dogmatics comprises 13 volumes.

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  1. My northern friends keep their coal in a bath, not a barth, and so they don't undertstand this piece.


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