Sunday 10 April 2011

Dodgy Analogies Sunday 1.01

Today we celebrate Dodgy Analogies Sunday.

And this year we are looking at the analogy of Life as a computer programme.

We rejoice that God is our Systems Architect and our Developer. And express relief that we've not been created on a LAMP stack as we'd be even flakier than we already are, and it would imply that God is a php programmer and we'd rather not think about that as an option.

We rejoice that God is also (for this, by definition, is a dodgy analogy) the infrastructure on which the Universal operating system runs.

And we are glad to be the actors in his object-oriented software.

We realise that the software is a bit buggy, but reckon that this may be our own fault (as we are free-willed actors and this is a dodgy analogy) and not necessarily a Design Flaw. Although some suspect we may have been hacked.

We fear the delete button. Although we rejoice that we will merely be sent to the Recycle Bin, and not erased from the database forever. And We remember that, in Lazarus, a temporary work-round was demonstrated.

We are grateful that the Upgrade that will make our system fully functional was installed and proved totally successful as, in a seriously dodgy analogy, our Eternal Designer became an Entity within his own software - and in a Class of his own, although also inheriting all the characteristics of the Human Class.

And we wait anxiously for the fix to be rolled out to us all, in Heaven and Earth 2.0.

Version 1.01 is a fix release as Version 1.00 of this Sunday may have appeared to be compatible with Docetism. This new patch is guaranteed compliant with Nicea 3.25 and Chalcedon 4.51 standards.


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