Monday 25 August 2014

A Quick Guide to Viral Social Media Posts

No, Facebook aren't removing it from people's timelines.

Now your friends have blocked news from all your games, it's like you're invisible.

Yes, it's easy to see.

You'd be the sort of superhero who stays in all day doing Facebook quizzes.

The puppy was found 100 yards from its house. It has since died of old age. It did go on to have a career as a spoof Twitter account which continues to this day.

The play wasn't as blasphemous as is made out. And it closed four years ago.

London, New York and Toronto all have an "o" in them. As do Ulan Bator, Rome, Cairo and quite a lot of others.

Oh, is s/he being controversial again?

As many circles as your mind wants to make up.

The reason 95% of people don't post that status is because it's pointless and annoying. Your concern about anything is not measured in clicks. And the 95% has not been scientifically measured.

A woman in every town has, apparently, found a simple trick to lose years off her looks. Dermatologists don't care a fig. They're still eating.

If you don't want Facebook sharing your data, switch it off. None of us can follow those instructions and you probably did it wrong in the first place yourself.

Just because a celebrity said it doesn't make it witty enough to propagate.

There are no real people quoted in that article.

No, nobody has died from it.

Just because they've done it, doesn't make it compulsory.

Don't click! It's the Daily Ma... Oh, too late. Oh wow, she has let herself go.

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