Sunday 31 August 2014

On Dealing with a "Sky Fairy" Remark

From time to time in your Christian pilgrimage, you will find somebody refer to God as a "sky fairy", or Jesus as your "invisible friend".

Generally speaking you should simply ignore such people. They're making no meaningful point, they have no real concept of how Christians picture God, and being atheists they are less likely to breed than normal people. So their view will gradually die out with them.

If, on the other hand, it's your pastor saying it, the best bet is probably to change church.


  1. and here was I thinking that God's real name was Ceiling Cat

  2. I've never understood the term #Skyfairy?

    I thought that Fairies were little winged cherubs who float around flower gardens in story books? And a bit like the bible you can't take every words as literal truth. Than again, I think of Atheists as Skyfairies because they're so fairy like.

  3. But AE, if you show your Afairyist membership card at Boots you get 20% off Clearasil and a free TNG box-set. ;)


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