Sunday 10 August 2014

Supermoon - Your Questions Answered (Again)

Q: The Express tells us there's a Supermoon today. Could it mean the end of the world?

A: Oh yes,  not a doubt about it.

Q: What? Aren't you supposed to say it's all fine?

A: Haven't you read the article? It's terrifying. The third Supermoon this year. Gotta mean something.

Q: But isn't it just a statistical thing? You've gotta have the moon nearest some times?

A: Oh yeah.  But have you read those ancient olde prophecies? And then what with the Perseid meteor showers.....

Q: But aren't the astronomers all really excited, because the moon is so much closer and easier to observe?

A: Astronomers down the years have found that telescopes have the ability to make the moon look bigger whenever they want. Full moon is always a bad time to observe the moon because it's too bright.  And what with apocalyptic super-storm Bertha..... We're all doomed. Who's gonna worry about studying craters?

Q: So not good observational conditions?

A: All irrelevant. The star-gazers are all in their secret temple beneath the Royal Astronomical Society, sacrificing an emu and praying to the Moon Gibbon  to have mercy.

Q: You've worried me now.

A: Well,  stop reading the Express, you prat. There's real people in this world with terrifying problems. Stop encouraging low-grade tabloids to make up cosy apocalypses for you.


  1. I'm waiting for the article which tells us they got it wrong...

  2. Why an emu? Or do they sacrifice Emu? That I could understand! x


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