Friday 15 August 2014

Two Things That Always Seem Wrong

Two things that always seem wrong to me.

One is when people say the Church in Britain is in decline because it appears intolerant and illiberal. That if the Church as a whole were only more like the Liberal Democrats in its view of morality, it would be more popular. I think you've only got to look at the Episcopalians in the States to realise that isn't true.

The other is when people suggest that the Church is in decline because it's too tolerant, too liberal. You've only got to look at the size of the Wee Frees to realise that isn't true either.

I think the Church should work out what it thinks God wants the Church to believe and do and take it from there. Since this is an imprecise discipline, parts of the Church may well come up with different answers to others. This is ideally met with love and discussion rather than hate and anger.

What the World thinks of all this is neither here nor there. It is not supposed to be a popularity contest. It is supposed to be the Gospel.


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