Saturday 2 August 2014

Will the Real Mary Seacole Please Stand Up

The Daily Mail (if you click you can't say I didn't warn you) does a hatchet job on the modern version of Mary Seacole's life. Though I have to say if they are right, it's a much better story than the one we hear - she was far more of a proper heroine than I imagined. What a woman! Tending to people's needs while making a fortune. I find my heart strangely warmed.

But a hint to the Mail. If you're gonna do a number on somebody else's version of history, don't tell us that a new statue is the first memorial to Mary Seacole, and then underneath it have a picture of the blue plaque to her in Soho Square. You're just shooting yourself in the foot, aren't you?

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  1. And if they do shoot themselves in the foot - Mrs Seacole is no longer around to fix it.

    Someone too white and too Ctholic to get any credit in the English history books for her work in Crimea before and during Florence Nightingle's stay is Mother Mary Bridgeman (known to Florrie as "Brickbat").


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