Tuesday 5 August 2014

Star Mann

I'm going to go to all the trouble of telling you about a minister in the States, who's gone to all the trouble of being snarky about my favourite trans feminist canon of a cathedral.

Lone Star Parson suggests first up that the Archbishop of Canterbury was not showing his famous negotiating skills when he took a couple of priests who happened to be women to Rome. I've no idea if that is true or not - the Archbishop never calls on me when making these kind of visits, for some reason -  but I love the suggestion he should have made sure all members - ho-ho - of a party to Rome should have been male.

Pope: "So, Archbishop - about these women priests you have?"

Archbishop: "No, none at all, your Holiness."

Pope: "But everybody knows you've got female priests."

Archbishop: "Nosiree. Can you see any here with me?"

Pope: "But we saw the 20 years celebrations, and the vote on women bishops. Lots of women wearing clerical collars."

Archbishop: "No, no. They were... erm.... eunuchs. Yep, eunuchs. That's why they were so feminine-looking."

Pope: "You have eunuchs in the Church of England?"

Archbishop: "Well, let's face it, you had them in the Vatican choir for centuries..."

Afterwards, Justin Welby catches up with his wife on the phone.

Mrs Welby: "So how did it go, Justin?"

Archbishop: "Not so bad. I accidentally mentioned Angela Tilby once, but I think I got away with it....."

The Lone Star Parson then objects to Rachel Mann on the grounds that she's a trans woman, a lesbian, and a feminist (and he nods to her also being a heavy metal fan by including a photograph of her playing the guitar). Which is odd. Because some of us might just think that what he's done there is described some aspects of this multi-talented person. Very important aspects, but then there's lots more as well. She's a decent medium-pace bowler as well, I believe, but no mention of that. Beings he's American, you'd think that would be the worse of the lot. Curiously, he accompanies this rant with another photograph - of the Pope and Archbishop with a load of men in purple frocks. But merely listing somebody's attributes does not count as criticism, in my book.

You know, I'm thinking I'm not his target audience.


  1. Of course you're not. After all you don't call yourself an archdruidess.

  2. LSP is in fact an expatriate Brit who seems to want to be more Texan than the natives. Which is saying something.

  3. I've never thought of Women as Priest - I just see Priest and gender doesn't come into it. And for my liberal, sensitivities, I believe who heartedly that a US based priest talking harshly about women priests endangers his living given that the PB is also a Woman. Sack him now!!

  4. I presume that I'm permitted to say 'what a plonker'!!/


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