Monday 18 August 2014

The Final Score (in Memory of James Alexander Gordon)

A sunlit August afternoon
Some said "the football's back too soon"
but joy came suddenly so true
with "Watford 1, Luton Town 2"

Homecoming, autumn after tea
A Morris Minor on the A43
And soothing o'er the radio still
"Liverpool 2, Tottenham Hotspur nil"

And at a snowy Christmas time
The grounds are frozen under rime
The Pools Panel's disputed score
Means two points for a goalless draw.

And spring time, when the table's tight
And Europe's sought in April's light
The green leaves rustle on the tree
"Dumbarton 2, Kilmarnock 3".

But now this earthly season's done
Games are played beneath an eternal sun
An angel sings the perfect score
It's "Forfar 5 - East Fife 4"


  1. He's now over the moon, bless him.

  2. How is that so moving? I guess because it speaks to me across so many years. So many memories.


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