Monday 11 August 2014

Bigmouth Strikes Again

In typically conciliatory mood, Morrissey calls for Jamie Oliver to be gassed. It's obviously the vegetarianism that brings on these murderous thoughts. If Morrissey had a nice burger now and then, he'd probably be a lot more chilled.

He also suggests that we will only appreciate him when he's dead, the big whinging overgrown teenager. Well, I hope he's around for a long time yet to remind us of his self-importance and what a great guitarist Johnny Marr is. But if he likes, when he dies, I propose we all put our handbags on his grave, and then dance around it.  I'm sure it's the sort of thing he'd appreciate.


  1. Eating burgers as we do so, preferable from a Jamie Oliver recipe.

    1. Leather handbags, natch. But, for fairness, the burgers must have been shoved through the cemetery railings by picket-busting mothers.


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