Monday 18 August 2014

The Tower of Bibles

And the people of Trav-El-Oj cried out, "what shall we do with the multitudes of Gideon Bibles we have removed from the bedrooms? For behold, the Daily Mail doth cry out against us, and we've millions of books to deal with - and if we commit them unto the pit, which is called Lan-dfil, great will be the outcry against us and we will be a hissing and a byword.

And the ruler of Premier Inn, which is named Len-e Hen-re, said unto them, "why do ye not make of them a great pile of Bibles, which reacheth unto heaven, and make the pile in the Trav-El-Oj which is in the town with the ford that is called Staff, which is the centre of the Land?

And they did, and the pile of Bibles reached unto heaven, and could be seen from Chez-ter to the land of Sol-e-hul, right across that land where dwelleth the Brummies.

But there came unto that place a member of the Prayer Book Society, and he asketh the receptionist, "where in the Great Tower of Bibles can I find a King James Version? For my soul panteth like the hart that looks for cooling brooks, until I find a copy of the Good Book in the language that St Paul himself spoke.

And the receptionist looketh up from the copy of "The Little Book of Calm", and saith - "behold - for the King James Bible that we found in the oldest hotel is there, at the bottom of the Great Tower of Bibles, just handy to take out and go for a good read.

And he pull-ed the King James out from the bottom of the stack. And the lot fell on him. And great was the fall thereof.

Moral - if you really want a Bible in your hotel room, take your own. It's more reliable and you can get a more inclusive version.

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