Tuesday 12 August 2014

Dealing with Healing

Raughrie has a way of dealing with people who offer him prayer for healing.

Obviously, I'm talking when he's there and everything. He can't do much about people indulging in stealth prayer when he's not around.

He sometimes used to let them, but these days asks them not to. In the circles he moves in, people are always offering to pray for his healing. It's kind, but it's a bit much. And he's not been able to take up breakdancing just yet.

But sometimes pushy people rush up and insist on praying for his healing, whether he likes it or not. When  this happens, he tells them nothing happened. Which it hasn't, so far.

Occasionally, people will tell him that's because he doesn't have enough faith.  When this happens, he likes to run over their feet in his wheelchair.

If they complain it hurts, he tells them. That's because they don't have enough faith.

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