Saturday, 19 August 2017

Moving the Tea Light Stand

Yes it's moved again. Yes there have been objections.

Apparently the tea light stand has been just in front of the worship focus since Queen Anne's time. If we move it then we are spitting on the graves of our ancestors, and parciculary Archdruid Elspeth, who first introduced the idea of putting small pieces of paraffin wax into aluminiu cases.

For a certain amount of perspective. I invented the Beaker Folk in 2006. Young Keith made the original tea light stand himself a couple of years later. That particular tea light stand, and eight like it, perished in assorted Moot House explosions.

The current tea light stand was made in February. Until June, it was just inside the South East Door.

I'm going to have to move it back, regardless.

It's tradition, after all.


  1. Surely, just have more tea light stands...?

    1. I guess they'd need a Faculty for that

    2. In 4th edition of Moore’s Introduction to English Canon Law, Timothy Briden observes[page140]:

      “Candles … have excited emotions fairly often. There is clearly nothing intrinsically unlawful in a candle, the main purpose of most candles being to give light. But the ceremonial use of candles has [in the past] been said to be unlawful, and therefore perhaps the matter should be regarded as one of ceremony rather than one of ornaments or decorations. But the decorative use of candles at the altar is nevertheless permissible, and the number so used is within the discretion of the court”.


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