Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Parable of the Lost Belgian

Archdruid: Once a hundred French-speaking Belgians went on a package tour to Spain's Mediterranean coast. And it was a hot day. The sun baked down. And the tour guide noticed, as they were all sitting out on the beach, that one of the Belgians was missing.

So she went to search for him. And she left the others in the heat of the noon day sun. And after seeking in every bar, all through the afternoon, she found him and brought him back.

And when she brought him back to the beach, where she had left the others so long, what did she find?

99 red Walloons.

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  1. Having lived among the Belgians, admittedly some years ago, the Wallons are not noted for their sense of humour. However, the flemish end of the chain would appreciate this sort of withdrawing the Michael.


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