Friday, 4 August 2017

The Guild of Obstructionists

Received the inevitable letter from the Guild of Obstructionists about my proposed changes to the Moot House. Apparently that Dali painting of the Crucifixion is "a much-loved image that to many is the most important focus within the Moot House. It is important that we preserve the Moot House as it has been loved for generations.

The fact that Young Keith only put the picture up last Tuesday has been somewhat glossed over.

This being the 9th Moot House since 2006 - its predecessors having been accidentally blown up during acts of unwisely creative worship - that is ignored too.

They're a smelly bunch, the Guild of Obstructionists. I don't say this to be rude. It's just they won't even change their underwear without a series of meetings, a public enquiry, and the go-ahead from the Victorian Society.


  1. Ah! Now I understand where the DAC recruits its members!

  2. I wonder whether I could sneak the Guild of Obstructionists onto my parish website. It's been operating here for, well, before the church was built (which would have been quicker if it hadn't been for the said Guild). Motto: Whatever it is, I'm against it (Marx*)


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