Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Patriarchy the Way Forward

What a fine piece in Anglican Mainstream on why Patriarchy is the best thing for society!

Clearly, brothers and sisters, I have problems with the early paragraph - referring, as it does, to the Papistical practice of Confession. Since the priest has no business forgiving sins in the first place, why would this even be relevant?

But Chris Sugden is right. The Government is encroaching onto areas of life where it has no competence. I myself, when my sons were young, rigidly enforced the Biblical injunction that we should thrash them whenever necessary, to keep their souls from Hell. But when young Ezekiel was persistently rude, and I enquired of the local magistrates what would be the appropriate form of capital punishment in accordance with Deut 21, suddenly I was "of concern" and the state poked its nose in.

And surely Chris Sugden is right regarding the way in which "easy sex" leads to innocent men being unjustly accused of sexual assault. I will be honest, I do not see any way in which sex could be easy. But that is beside the point. Clearly as we speak there are innocent young men being accused all over the country of sex crimes. My advice to all young men going to University in the next few weeks and being lured by the "hook up culture" into young sirens' bedrooms is clear. Video everything. You will need the evidence.

No, on second thoughts, forget about the videos - just do not be lured into their bedrooms. That will avoid all unnecessarily messy complications. And whatever you do, do not share a train carriage with anyone, ever.

And then Chris Sugden is right about creeping demands for rights. First homosexuals did not want to be killed for practising their hobbies. And, indeed, this was granted. Then they did not want to be imprisoned for them.  Some might regret this, but this was also granted. Then they wanted to get married to other homosexuals.

How much longer can it be, brothers and sisters, before they demand the criminalisation of sex between a married man and his wife? Surely we are well down the slippery slope. Marjory has just asked me what precise practical difficulty this would cause the two of us. But she is always sarcastic around bed time. Witheringly so, you might say.

So the argument is clear. Women, being the weaker sex, need protection from men. And who better to do the protecting than men? You know Father knows best. And when I say Father, I don't mean in the Catholic sense. So stop whingeing, and get back in the cupboard.

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