Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Thinnest Christian Books in the World

Everything a pastor learns from books after they're ordained: A Digest

The Book of Three Readings everybody knows for Funerals, Weddings and Baptisms

Genuinely useful "alternative" worship ideas

Feminism by Mark Driscoll

Sydney Carter's Greatest Hymns*

The Holy Wisdom of Donald Trump

Sunny Days at Greenbelt: A Photographic Journal

Chord Diagrams for Christian Guitarists

Evangelical-Charismatic Theology

Wonders of 20th Century Church Architecture

The Book of Three Hymns Everybody Knows for Funerals

The Book of Three Hymns Everybody Knows for Weddings and Baptisms

Case Studies of Growth in Liberal Churches

Modern Christian Controversies that Don't Involve Sex

Christian Voice's Little Book of Calm

Anthology of Rowan Williams's Comprehensible Sentences

* technically a leaflet. Printed on one side only. With no hymn words on it.


  1. All of those aren't on my shelves ☺

  2. The book of forgiveness for other denominations
    The book of celebration of other tradition's ways of worship (large print edition)
    The book of things appreciated in other religions (actually this may be a bit thicker)

  3. I did once need a G augmented, but that was a song in Youth Praise

    1. One never _needs_ a G aug. One onlyl ever wants one.

  4. The only useful thin books that I know are Grove Books, but my collection is now taking up as much room as the fat books they displaced :(

  5. Evangelism in 21st Century Britain

    Positive portrayals of Christians by UK media

    England's favourite pews


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