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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

A Right Royal Corbyn Silence

The Express reports that Jeremy Corbyn failed to congratulate the Royal Family on the birth of little Throgmorton, or whatever they're going to call him.

Personally I'm shocked. He could at least have mentioned that Harry and Meghan or whoever the parents are, are now up to three children and therefore won't qualify for extra family allowance. Poor souls must be wondering how they'll make ends meet.

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  1. Mr Corbyn is know to be radical and anti-monarchy as well as anti-many other things. He has had a makeover since becoming PM in waiting and now wears suits and ties instead of his beatnik kit. He even has is beard stripped Perhaps he'll have his eyebrows threaded next?

    He has no respect for anybody, let alone the monarchy. He leads a rabble called Momentum, but he had no momentum in dealing with the anti-semites in his party.

    Perhaps he thinks that we are all so tired of Tory politics that we'll all vote for him. Hope he isn't disappointed next election.


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