Thursday 19 April 2018

In Which The Archdruid Shows Her Soft Side

Was wondering what to do about Lozzinge. She's been really sad since her cat ran away. Which I can understand. That cat was her only real friend. Which I can also understand. But you know, it's sad to see someone so upset.

And after all I'm the Archdruid. It's my job to take pastoral care of people. Even the ones who fill up their Facebook pages with endless pictures of the dearly escaped dumb chum in question. Even if she put the thing in mittens on cold days. Mittens, I ask you. No wonder it couldn't bury its droppings.

So I knew it was incumbent on me. And, let's face it, I've a soft heart somewhere down there.

So I told her to get a grip. That sadness is rebellion against God's goodness. I like to think it helped.

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