Friday 20 April 2018

Service for Arsene Wenger Leaving Arsenal

Moss: Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

Office Postperson: What was Wenger thinking of, resigning so late?

Ash: That's the trouble with Arsenal...

All: They always want to walk it into the net.

Burton Dasset: I'm sorry, what?

Archdruid: It's football talk, Burton. They're bein' weal geezers...

Burton: What like Kwik Fit?

Archdruid: No. Never mind. You'd never pull it off.

Hnaef: No more will a team in England have a name that's just like the manager's.

All: And if they do, it won't be so liable to satisfyingly rude jokes.

Hnaef: 1-0 to the Arsenal....

All: They'll be lucky these days.


The Professor of Holloway has resigned. How are the mighty fallen!
Tell it not in Walthamstow. Publish it not in Blackhorse Road. Lest the daughters of Tottenham rejoice. Lest the Bishop of Willesden triumph.

Ye heights of Hampstead let there be no dew. Let there be no rain. On the pleasant allotments of Islington let there be no soft fruit to make jam. For Wenger has fallen. With only 3 Premier Leagues and 7 FA Cups, he has failed. Yeah he might win the Europa League and qualify for the UCL next year. But he's clearly failed.

Will Brendan Rodgers do better? Will any other manager bring glory back to the Emirates while they still try to pay for the stadium? Or will the next manager be another schmuck brought in to balance the books while taking the blame for the board's need to keep the money rolling in without spending?

Fallen! Fallen is Arsenal the Great....

Continues till next season

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