Saturday 28 April 2018

Ritual for Ed Balls Day

Archdruid: Ed Balls to you.

All: And Ed Balls to you too.

Hymn: Ed Balls with a Grateful Heart

Archdruid: Ed Balls

Hnaef: Ed Balls

Charlii: Ed Balls

Young Keith: Ed Balls

Burton Dasset: It's not true about the bogies, you know.


Burton: Oh, OK. Ed Balls.

Stacy Bushes: Ed Balls.

Ed Balls: Ed Balls.

Hymn: Ed Ball's Confession of Why He Tweeted That Tweet: "Yvette, I've had a few. But then again...."

Archdruid: May the joy of Ed Balls day be with you every day.

All: And Balls to you too.

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1 comment :

  1. It's good to know the the great Ed Balls has now entered the realms of the Beaker Folk.

    This multi-talented former politician, now a celeb of the first note, married to a shadow minister, and the expert musician and dancer and political polymath.

    It's not often that you find a politician that is likable and a man of the and for the people. All strength to his elbow, next stop must be the House of Lords.

    Off course, you've forgotten that other former Politician and Pointless winner, Ann Widicombe.

    Another who has shown her versatility in show business, dancing, panto and political blogging, as well as being a nature lover (Not naturist) and outdoors woman.

    She even finished as runner up on a major TV show, against all of the celebrities she was up against. Maintaining her dignity and sense of humour, despite all that was thrown against her.

    We can forgive her being a catholic, having deserted the CofE over the Ordination of Women - she is obviously at least sticking to her principles, that women are the complementary gender, and demolished Michael Howard's reputation when Home Secretary, by describing something of the darkness about him.

    Perhaps she and Ed Balls should get together in a double act?


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